Marion Native Paints Portrait of President Harding and First Lady

Posted on January 27, 2021

Marion, Ohio native Danny Day, a professional artist living in California, painted two portraits of President and Mrs. Harding for the new Warren G. Harding Presidential Library and Museum. 

Day is a realist painter, which means his paintings tend to look more like photographs than oil paintings. 

Full of symbolism, the paintings highlight the Hardings’ personalities, as well as historical objects and clothes that are in the Harding Collections. 

The paintings are in the lobby of the presidential library and will be there for visitors to view when the Covid-19 health situation eases and the site opens to the public.

Day said that he is very honored to have been able to do the portraits because of his connection with the City of Marion and his family’s connection to the Harding Home.

Day’s great-grandparents rented the Harding Home from the Harding’s while the President and First Lady were living in the White House.

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