Midwest Regional ESC Supports Area Teachers with 5G Instructional Framework

Posted on September 18, 2020

The Midwest Regional Educational Service Center’s (www.mresc.org) Curriculum Team has created the 5G Instructional Framework to support area teachers as they seek to design high quality lessons (both face-to-face and via remote learning) during this pandemic.

The ESC’s Curriculum Team is made up of Robert Batty, Gina Rogers, and Dave Shellhass. Together the team has more than sixty years of combined experience as teachers, instructional leaders, trainers, and content specialists.

The 5G Framework provides practical guidance to help teachers design lessons that: Grab attention, Give content, Generate discussion, Gain data, and Grant feedback. The framework provides linkages to common digital tools that educators are using to support 21st century learning (whether they are teaching students face-to-face or through remote instruction).

To support the rollout of the 5G Framework, the Curriculum Team has been providing tailored professional learning sessions to districts they serve throughout Hardin, Shelby, and Logan Counties utilizing this framework.

“We are excited by the positive feedback the Curriculum Team has received from teachers, administrators, and other district leaders about the 5G Framework. It is a key part of the instructional support and professional development the ESC is providing to districts purchasing curriculum services during this pandemic.” – Scott Howell, MRESC Superintendent

The 5G Framework has also been included in the Ohio Educational Service Center’s (OESCA) Reframing Education Initiative and website: http://reframingeducation.org/

The Midwest Regional Educational Service Center serves and supports students, families, and districts as an innovative educational partner in Hardin, Shelby, and Logan Counties.

Ohio’s ESCs are dedicated to providing school districts with high quality educational services that help improve student learning, enhance the quality of instruction, expand equitable access to resources and maximize operating and fiscal efficiencies.

For more information about the 5G Framework or the MRESC, visit: https://www.mresc.org/curriculum-and-instruction/

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