More Motorcycles Expected on the Roads this Weekend

Posted on April 22, 2022

A summer like weekend is forecast for the area.

That means an increase in motorcycle traffic can be expected.

Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart said that includes himself, “I’m an avid  motorcycle rider myself, I’ll be out. We’re starting that time of year where you’ve got to pay attention to the motorcycles out there. Motorcyclists have a responsibility as well, don’t get me wrong, but it’s very easy to just take a quick glance at a stop sign and not see the one headlight coming, so it’s just really time to start paying a little more attention.”

 He also said you can expect more and more farm machinery on the roads, “As soon as it dries up, they’re going to be hitting those fields pretty heavy, and we’re just in that time of year that we’ve really got to pay attention.”

In all cases the Sheriff said taking a little extra time can make all the difference, “Slow down a little bit, take just a couple of more seconds time, do a couple of more quick glances and then proceed into the intersection.”

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