MPD Establishes Safe Zone Parking Areas

Written by on February 9, 2022

The Marion Police Department has established a “Child Custody and E-Commerce Safe Exchange Zone.”

That will be in the annex parking lot at Marion City Hall located on the East side of the former Recreation Center.

This area is under video surveillance of the Marion City Hall camera systems which can be viewed by MPD personnel and our Communications Center to increase the safety of those exchanging children or engaging in e-commerce sales.

This Safe Exchange Zone has two dedicated parking spots with posted signage.

These parking spots should only be used by persons exchanging children or those engaging in e-commerce. If the designated spots are taken, you should use a nearby parking spot within this “zone”.

Family Court Personnel will not be on hand and MPD Officers will not be present unless such oversight is needed due to a protection order or similar circumstances. Persons who intend to use this Safe Exchange Zone do not need to ask permission or notify law enforcement unless you KNOW that you will need an officer due to the presence of a protection order or similar circumstances. If your circumstances do involve a protection order, you should call MPD Dispatch (740-387-2525) on your way to MPD to ensure we have an officer available to assist in the exchange.

The use of this program is available to any people who need to use it for child custody purposes. We do ask that when you do the exchange, you quickly vacate the designated spots to keep them available for others who may need to use this service.

Additionally, those who engage in e-commerce (Ebay and other peer-to-peer buying or selling) may designate this location for a meet up to exchange online purchases.

The intention is to reduce the need for law enforcement presence while also providing a safe location where Police Officers are nearby for emergency assistance.

Should you encounter a problem during an un-monitored exchange that requires the immediate intervention of a Police Officer, you should call 911.

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