New Trash Collection Program Could Start this Summer in Kenton

Posted on May 1, 2020

Kenton Mayor Lynn Webb was authorized by City Council this week to sign a contract with Republic Services to end the pay as you throw trash collection service currently in use in the city.


Once the plan is in place residents will no longer be required to purchase the Kenton trash bags, as they will be replaced with a 96 gallon cart that would be picked up weekly, and a 65 gallon cart for recyclable items to be collected every other week.


The small bins will be eliminated as well.


As for pricing, the mayor said, “”It would be $17.20 a month for the regular, and a senior citizen rate is $13.60. Now we haven’t determined what the senior citizen age is, we’re going to still work on that, but $17.20 a month and $13.60, that’s the base.


Some administration fees are still being determined, and the trash collection bill is going to be added to the residents water bill each month.


Other benefits include residents being able to place up to three 30 gallon bags beside the carts each week as well as one bulky item as well.


Mayor Webb said the contract expires this October, but it is possible to phase in the new service by July or August.


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