Numerous Kenton Residents Given 10 Days to Remove Junk from Property

Posted on March 23, 2021

Several Kenton residents were served notice to remove junk from their properties.

Kenton Police Officers served 17 notices at houses around the city on Monday.

The residents will have 10 days to clear their property.

One resident was also served a notice about unapproved parking and has five days to comply.

The following is from the Kenton Police Department Daily Log Sheet:

Served 622 S Wayne St….KCO 660.07 Junk…10 day notice…Lutes

Served 615 S Wayne KCO 660.07 Junk..10 day notice…Lutes

Served 505 Robinson Ave. KCO 660.07 Junk..10 day notice…Stollar

Served 801 S Main KCO 660.07 Junk ..10 day notice ….Lutes

Served 533 N Gilmore KCO 660.07Junk..10 day notice….Fenwick

Served 701 S Main St KCO 660.07 Junk 10 day notice…..Lutes

Served 410 Vine St KCO 660.07 Junk 10 day notice…..Lutes

Served 126 E Railroad…CO 660.07 Junk 10 Day notice….Lutes

Served 141 Brumm St KCO 660.07 Junk 10 day notice…..Lutes

Served 131 Brumm St KCO 660.07 Junk 10 day notice…Lutes

Served 410 S Detroit KCO 660.07 Junk 10 day notice…..Stollar

Served 418 N Gilmore KCO 660.07 Junk 10 Day notice….Fenwick

Served 404 N High St…..KCO 660.07 Junk 10 day notice…..Fenwick

Served 132 E Espy St…KCO 660.07 10 day notice…Lutes

Served 132 E Espy St KCO 452.0364B Unapproved Parking 5 day notice….Lutes

Served 515 S Wayne St KCO 660.07 Junk…10 day notice….Lutes

Served 507 S Wayne KCO 660.07 Junk ..10 day notice….Lutes

Served 368 W Carrol St KCO 660.07A3 Junk 10 Day notice……Musser

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