Numerous Nuisance Notices Served in Kenton

Posted on June 3, 2022

Kenton Police Officers handed out a number of nuisance notices on Thursday.

There were a total of 16 notices served at residences and properties around the city.

The owners were given notice to cut down high grass and weeds.

Some also were informed to remove junk vehicles from the properties as well.

The following is a list of where notices were served was taken from the Kenton Police Department Daily Log Sheet for Thursday June 2, 2022:

served Clairen Oldham 23614 TR 150, Larue, OH, nuisance notice, high grass/weeds at
431 E. Eliza Street, Kenton…Musser

served Tammy Sue Holcomb, nuisance notice, high grass/weeds 227 Harrison St…Musser

served Richie Clark, nuisance notice, high grass/weeds 221 Harrison St..Musser

served Mandy Roberts, nuisance notice, high grass/weeds 1111 S. Detroit St..Musser

served Jimmy Bailey, nuisance notice, high grass/weeds/Junk motor vehice 528 S. Wayne..Musser

served Charles Daisy, nuisance notice, high grass/weeds/ 222 Sycamore St..Musser

served James Fletcher, nuisance notice, high grass/weeds/ 612 Lick St..Musser

served BSLNC Inc, nusiance notice, high weeds/grass, parcel number 36150055000..Musser

served Robert E & Thomas Wingfield nuisance notice high weeds/grass/Junk 418 Stevens…Musser

served Gilbert Myers, nuisance notice high weeds/grass/246 W. Letson…Musser

served Christine Parr, nuisance notice high weeds/grass 247 Letson…Musser

served Tammy Napier, nuisance notice high weeds/grass 227 Harrison…Bowman

served Gene Lightner, nuisance notice high weeds/grass 620 W. Walnut…Bowman

served Richard Clark, nuisance notice high weeds/grass 221 Harrison Street…Bowman

served Kenton Oppurtunitues LLC notice high Weeds/Grass. 216 Summit….Lutes

served Mk Properties, nuisance notice high weeds/grass 1005 E. Columbus St….Lutes

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