Crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation have been fluctuating between winter and spring work on District 1 roadways.


This is the time of year where they are not only ready for snow and ice, but also respond to potholes which can develop quickly in pavements due to freezing and thawing.


The challenge for highway crews is there is often no indication of when or where a pothole will appear. And once an area of pavement is compromised, it doesn’t take long for a pothole to develop and expand.


To date, the district has spent over 5,600 hours and has used 72 tons of material this winter in repairing areas of highway pavement throughout our eight-county region, which includes Hardin County.


Potholes are discovered by transportation managers during their normal monitoring of pavements, and are also reported by motorists.


They are repaired as quickly as possible once the department learns of them.