Ohio Ag Net Sold to Ag Net Communications

Posted on January 5, 2021

The Ohio Ag Net, which WKTN is an affiliate station, has been sold to Ag Net Communications.

That was announced today by Bart and Sheryl Johnson.

ANC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

While there will be a change in ownership, there will not be any changes in operation or personnel.

The network will continue to be called Ohio Ag Net.

Dale Minyo will still handle the bulk of the broadcast schedule.

The Johnson’s will be staying around for a transition period over 2021.

During this time, Minyo will be assuming the duties as the General Manager.

In a statetment, Johnson said, “I appreciate the partnership that has existed over the years, without our affiliate stations the Ohio Ag Net would not exist and for that Sheryl and I are extremely grateful. Again from the bottom of my heart I appreciate what you as an affiliate have done for our company.”

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