Ohio Hi Point Career Center hosted a coffee Chat in the City. The event gave citizens to meet and converse with Dr. Rick Smith, Superintendent of the Career Center. Smith is educating the community about the upcoming levy that will be on the May 8th Primary Ballot.


“We’re going out for a .6 mil permanent improvement levy over a permanent amount of time. That will generate around $2 million for Ohio Hi-Point.” Said Smith. “It will cost the average taxpayer around $22 for every $100,000 of valuation or around $1.84 a month.” Smith explained. “For most of our average homeowners we think maybe about $5 that cup of coffee at Starbucks or Jitterz where I’m at today.” Smith said.


Smith noted that the funds would only be used for the renovation and expansion of the main campus facility, as well as investing funds into the districts satellite programs. Smith said the that Permanent ballot allows for the lowest millage over a permanent amount of time.


“We could go the lowest amount of mileage if we went permanent long-term. We could use the money for both construction and equipment.” Said Smith.


The district serves over 500 students at the main campus, and over 3,000 students at their various satellite locations. Both the main campus and satellite locations are adding programs in the next year to increase that number. In the county, the district serves students from Ridgemont, Kenton, and Upper Scioto Valley.


The passage of the levy would allow for even more programming to be added.


“Bring back some programs like plumbing, which we know is desperately needed in the construction trade. Things like Cybersecurity, we’re bringing back HVAC for example just this year.” Smith said. “Most people don’t understand that with SMART Homes coming about with Alexa and Google controlling your heating device someone is going to have to cyber secure and protect that because someone will eventually try to hold your heater hostage and make you pay a ransom before they turn it back on. There are going to be all kinds of Cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles that are coming and those type of newer technologies.”


Smith went on to say the career center is also looking at adding “business entrepreneurship and maybe safety ideas like a fire safety or police safety type courses. We have a long-range vision to do things after the levy, but it will take the levy to have the space to do so.” Smith explained.


To learn more about the levy issue, visit the levy’s campaign website at riseohp.com or ohiohipoint.com/PI.