The renowned Cleveland Clinic called on ONU pharmacy students to make up a healthy contingent of its internship program class for summer 2018.

(In picture: Jenna Wojkowski, fourth-year pharmacy major)

Of the 19 interns in the program, five were Polar Bears, the most from any other college or university. In 2017, six of the program’s 12 interns were ONU students.

(In picture: Molly Wheeler, sixth-year pharmacy major)

The Cleveland Clinic’s pharmacy internship program is unique and comprehensive. Interns get to experience different aspects of hospital pharmacy through six weeks of technician work and six weeks of clinical rotations. Each rotation gives interns a walkthrough of that particular practice area (for example, pediatrics, transplant, research and patient consultations).

It’s a highly immersive experience that covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and it’s designed with longevity in mind, making it easier for first-time interns to continue a professional experience with the Cleveland Clinic through a second summer internship. It’s no surprise that it’s highly desirable among pharmacy students.

“We typically look for students who are well-rounded with leadership and work experience,” says James Blackmer, pharmacy resident and overseer of the pharmacy internship program at the Cleveland Clinic. “We expect candidates to be able to speak to their experiences during a phone interview we conduct once applications are reviewed. Ideally, students have an interest in hospital pharmacy and potentially a residency after graduation. The ONU candidates met the criteria mentioned above, and that is why they were selected.”

…The preceding story and pictures are from ONU’s Facebook page…