Patrol looking for those ready to “Build Tomorrow”

Posted on June 20, 2022

(Findlay) – The Ohio State Highway Patrol is looking for men and women who are ready

to build tomorrow and make a difference in their communities.

Those interested must go through a selective process to become cadets with the Patrol,

including a physical and written test, among other requirements. If chosen, cadets will go

through approximately six months of training at the Patrol’s Training Academy in

Columbus, during which time they will be paid.

“The training our cadets receive sets them up for a successful and rewarding career with

the Patrol,” said Lieutenant Matt Crow, Findlay Post commander. “Those interested in a

fulfilling profession with the Patrol should contact our recruitment section or their local

post to learn about our many opportunities.”

There are a number of career opportunities available within the Patrol to troopers. After

learning the core job and two years of field experience, a trooper is eligible to explore a

specialty position. Some of those positions include: aviation, K9 handlers, Special

Response Team (SRT), instructors and members of our motorcycle unit.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol employs highly-motivated and well-trained professionals

who are committed to providing quality service to those who live, visit, and do business in

the great state of Ohio. Our core values serve as the foundation for all that we do.

Additionally, the Patrol is using a QR code on our vehicles and promotional materials. The

QR code takes you to the Patrol’s recruitment web page and provides prospective

candidates with information regarding the application process and requirements.

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a member of the Patrol, log onto

Current track