Rural Upper Sandusky Man Victimized by Social Security Scam

Written on January 29, 2021

A rural Upper Sandusky man was the victim of a scam this past Wednesday.

The victim reported the incident to the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

According to the report, a man posing as a social security agent out of Dallas, Texas, informed the victim that his social security card was recovered in Texas and was involved in drug dealings and money laundering.

The victim was then told he needed to purchase debit cards at Walmart.

Fearing he was in legal trouble, the victim complied and purchased six debit cards, putting $500 on each for a total of $3000.

The information on the cards was then given to the scammer.

It was explained to the victim that this was a scam, and the probability of getting the money back was unlikely.

The victim was educated on future potential scams, and he stated that it would never happen again.

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