Scam Complaints Taken by Hancock County Sheriff’s Office

Written by on March 8, 2021

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office received 2 identical scam complaints in the past few days. 

The scam works like this: people receive a message from well-known companies offering the victim $500.00 a month to place an advertisement sticker on their car.  

The “company” then mails the victim a check for approximately $2,500 and tells them to deposit the check, which will ultimately bounce.  

The victim is then supposed to meet with a representative of the company, who provides them the advertisement sticker.  

During the meeting, the victim is supposed to write a check back to the representative for approximately $2,000 and the victim will then “keep” the rest of the initial deposit for their first month of advertising.  

The Sheriff’s Office said you should not fall for this scam.

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