Sheriff Everhart Updates Citizens About His Health

Written by on November 29, 2022

Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart gave an update on his health status. 

On the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the Sheriff said he is still waiting for that “magical phone call” as he awaits news about a new liver.

He said in the meantime he is working as much as he can. 

Everhart said he has voluntarily stopped driving because of his lack of strength and/or energy.

He noted that the crew at the Sheriff’s Office has either been picking him up or bringing things to his home for him to sign. 

He assured residents that he is still around and still working and felt the public deserved an update on his health. 

Everhart said the Sheriff’s Office staff is one of a kind and encouraged residents to give them a big thank you for their dedicated service to the citizens of Hardin County. 

The Sheriff also expressed thanks for the citizens for their support and genuine concern for him not just recently but all of the time. 

He added that he is humbled and grateful to all.

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