Small Group of OhioHealth HMH Associates Speak Out Against Forced COVID-19 Vaccine

Written by on August 11, 2021

A small group of associates of Hardin Memorial Hospital used this Walk Out Wednesday to express their disapproval about being forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Speaking for the group who were set up at the corner of Madison and Franklin Streets was Amber Joseph, “The entire point today is my patients have a right to their medical care, I should also. I shouldn’t be up against a vaccination that I can’t talk to my physician about whether or not I want it, I’m told that I have to have it, and we don’t do that to our patients. We give them choices, so where’s my choice?, where’s our choice? We don’t know what this is. “

OhioHealth announced earlier this month that it will require the COVID-19 vaccine for all its 35,000 associates, providers and volunteers. 

The requirement extends to both employed and independent physicians, to those in patient-facing and non-patient-facing roles and to students and vendors. 

The deadline to become fully vaccinated is December 1.

Religious and medical exemptions may be granted to those who meet the exemption criteria.

Hardin Memorial Hospital released this statement regarding the protest:

“We respect everyone’s right to assemble, speak freely and engage in peaceful protest. We also believe, like many hospitals nationwide, that requiring the vaccine is the right thing to do to protect our patients, staff and community from COVID-19. Some do not share these views, so we have given our OhioHealth family a choice to either get the COVID-19 vaccine by December 1 or continue to wear a mask, regardless of the current mask mandate, and undergo weekly COVID-19 testing at no cost to them.”

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