On the banks of the Blanchard River lies the intersection of Jackson Township Road 50 and County Road 175. While it may not sound that interesting yet, the intersection has seen a significant amount of traffic due to the seemingly random five acres of Sunflowers planted beside the intersection.

The farm belongs to Bill Kellogg of Kellogg Farms and was a sheep pasture through the Farm Services Agency (FSA) many years ago. He said that the land is not productive and is in the floodplain. The Kellogg’s have attempted to grow pumpkins and gourds that drowned after a few floods, and pine trees which became a snack for the deer in the area. Kellogg wanted to build a relationship between the farm and non-farm communities.

“It builds some good will between the farm community and non-farm community. A lot of farmers around here have big equipment and we’re running on small roads. If we get someone behind us and have an area we can’t get off to let them around, it causes some hard feelings. We know people get irritated.” said Bill. “Maybe now they’ll think ‘Well, I have the patients to stay back here a little bit.’”

Kellogg said he can’t begin to estimate the visitors that have visited his patch, however, he said he has seen as many as 25 vehicles parked at the fields. Travelers as far away as Fort Wayne have visited Forest Ohio to take in the vibrant yellow colors. A couple is even set to travel from Tennessee this weekend.

Bill said he didn’t begin to anticipate the reaction. “The best thing is hearing kids out there laughing and giggling. Then the parents get in on it.”

Photographers are using the location as a backdrop for photos.

Kellogg’s original plan was to let the flowers reseed themselves, however after some further research, he says he will replant the fields next year with different colors and varieties.

Everyone is welcome to visit the patch at the intersection of County Road 175 and Township Road 50, the Kellogg’s just ask you don’t pick the flowers so everyone can enjoy them.

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