Survival Flight Announces New Bases in Marion and Circleville

Written by on January 21, 2020

CIRCLEVILLE and MARION, OH – Today, Survival Flight, a company that provides emergency medical air transportation for critically injured patients, announced the opening of its two new helicopter bases in Circleville and Marion, Ohio.

“With these new bases, Survival Flight expands our service area and greatly reduces the response time needed to transport critically injured patients in southern and northwest Ohio,” Survival Flight CEO Chris Millard said. “We’re excited to be partnering with some tremendous local governments and fire departments and look forward to continuing to work with Ohio hospitals and medical personnel to save lives.”

Survival Flight recently completed the work to relocate their crew and equipment from their previous bases that were located within Interstate 270.

Marion Base – Survival Flight #13

The new base in Marion is located at 2164 Harding Highway in a building owned by the 1st Consolidated Fire District. The flight crew and aircraft have moved in and are already flying. Future renovations and a new helipad are planned in the coming months.

1st Consolidated Fire Chief Clint Canterbury explained why the new base is a benefit to Marion and the surrounding community.

“When our emergency medical workers are called to a patient who’s just had a stroke, 15 minutes can mean the difference between life and death,” Chief Canterbury explained. “Many of our stroke victims need treatment at specialized hospitals in Columbus and an ambulance might take an hour to get there in traffic. Having Survival Flight based here in Marion means that they can get the patient there in 20 minutes. That’s great news for Marion and I’m happy to have Survival Flight as a member of our community.”

Pickaway Township Base – Survival Flight #14

The new base in Circleville Township, Ohio is located at 2665 N. Court Street in Pickaway County. The flight crew and aircraft plan to be operational at the new base shortly. A partnership with the Pickaway Township Fire Department as well as the Circleville Township Trustees helped make this new base a reality.

Pickaway Township Fire Department Chief Bryan Brown talked about the benefits of the new Survival Flight base.

“When our paramedics respond to a bad car accident or a medical emergency that needs specialized critical care, we often have to transport patients to a hospital in downtown Columbus to save their life,” Chief Brown explained. “But depending on traffic, it might take an ambulance an hour to get to Columbus. Having Survival Flight based here in Pickaway Township means that they could get a patient to a Columbus hospital in 15 minutes. That’s great news for Pickaway Township and the surrounding area. Survival Flight has been a great company to work with and I’m looking forward to continuing that relationship now that they’re a part of our community.”

In addition to transporting critically injured patients in an emergency, Survival Flight also uses its helicopters to assist first responders by helping to search for missing persons, providing assistance to law enforcement SWAT teams in dangerous situations, and helping fire departments with reconnaissance on outdoor fires. These services to first responders are always provided free of charge.

In addition to its Ohio bases, Survival Flight also has bases in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma.

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