A teenager is facing charges after an incident at the Kenton High school.


According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, officers were dispatched to the high school Monday afternoon to investigate a report a teenager may have made threats to the school.


Chief Dennis Musser said detectives located the student and spoke to him and his family and determined that no serious threats were made.


The Chief said the student made comments in the presence of other students and referenced the video game "Call of Duty."


The 17 year old student made the comments in a joking manner and did not have access to any weapons. He has temporarily been suspended and is facing possible charges of inducing panic.


Chief Musser cautions other students to be careful what they say. He said all threats whether on the grounds of the school or through social media that even vaguely mentions a school are taken seriously and will be investigated.


The Chief added that an officer was at the school this morning to provide a presence and help calm any concerns.