Thefts From Vehicles Spiking in Kenton

Posted on May 9, 2022

Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser opened the 9th regular session of Kenton city council with an attempt to get citizens to lock their car doors. Musser would go on to say thefts from vehicles typically spike around this time every year. Kenton’s Police Chief would also stress the need to remove firearms from unattended vehicles. When asked if the thieves are breaking windows Musser said in his long career in law enforcement he has seen windows broken very few times and they are typically isolated incidents where items of value were left in line of sight.

Later in the meeting an ordinance was passed allowing for the distribution of grant money from The Hardin County Community Foundation. The monies will go towards getting the fire department a handheld sonar device, KPD bullet resistant vests, flags around the city, trees for the tree commission, disc golf course improvements, as well as picnic tables, trash cans, and signs for parks.

A public hearing for rezoning of the property located at 231 N. Glendale St. is scheduled for June 13th. The property would go from R-1 to B-3.

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