Hot off the heels of the 50th anniversary of Kenton’s Cabaret where over 100 alumni came back to celebrate the golden birthday of the popular production. The show choir has it’s freshman class, and is hard at work learning brand new music and dance moves.

The theme for the upcoming show is “Change is Gonna’ Come. Top Twenty’s Director Todd Daquino explains.

“It’s a representation of ‘It’s okay to change” said Daquino. “Things change every year. Our show theme changes every year. The songs change every year. Even the personnel change every year and we want to embrace that.” explains Daquino.

Daquino talks about the year’s music numbers.

“At the beginning of the show we talk about the song from ‘The Music Man’ called ‘Iowa Stubborn’ but we’ve rewritten the lyrics a little bit. So we talk about being stubborn and not embracing change” said Daquino. “But as the show goes through, each song is a little bit more about change until the final song where we want to start a revolution with ‘Nothing Can Stop Me Now’ from Disney’s ‘Planes’.

The group is set to compete in five contests this year which include Ada’s Music Feast, a new exhibition at Riverdale, and Findlay’s Fall Fest.

The public’s first opportunity to see the new group in action will be Sunday afternoon of the Hardin County Fair.