Author, an adaptive athlete and inspirational speaker Jennifer Adams, who was named Ms. Wheelchair America 2014 and Ms. Wheelchair Washington in 2013, has faced physical challenges since birth. Born with partial limbs, she has found ways to work with her limitations. In doing so, she has fine-tuned her perspective on identity, and has coined the term “extra-ability,” which she defines as “a person who has adapted to overcome physical, mental or circumstantial limitations and therefore forged strength and greater abilities within themselves.”

Adams’ inspirational story carries universal resonance for those whose obstacles have caused us to question who we truly are. Join her for the free, and open to the public talk at The University of Findlay. “Discover Your Identity,” is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Winebrenner Theological Seminary’s TLB Auditorium.

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Jennifer Lynn Adams