Water Line Repair in Kenton Saturday was a Success

Posted on April 27, 2020

Repair to the water leak on at the corner of Main and Franklin Streets was a success Saturday evening according to Burl Helton, Superintendent of Public Works for the City of Kenton.

The city workers were able to get in and place a clamp on the leak without having to shut off the water.

“We planned for the worst, but got the best scenario. We were lucky this time.”

With this area being part of the Phase II project coming up in the next several years, the city decided that a repair was the best way to go.

Had the water been shut off, the entire city would have been under a boil water advisory.

According to Helton, “the guys did a great job of working together and getting the repair made in a timely manner. This was definitely a example of teamwork.”

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