The Kenton Police Department responded to two crashes that were winter weather related.


The first occurred around 3:15 pm on Friday. A vehicle owned by Mya Campbell of Marion was parked and unoccupied along the 100 block of North Detroit Street. A semi truck being operated by Jessie McDaniel of Uniopolis ws traveling Southbound on Detroit and lost control of his vehicle as braked for the approaching intersection. The trailer attached to the semi struck the rear of Campbell’s vehicle and drug it around 15 feet. McDaniel was cited for failure to yield.


Functional damage occurred to Campbell’s Vehicle.


The second crash occurred just a short time later around 4:00 pm.


Jennifer McGinnis of Ironton, Ohio was traveling South on North Detroit street in the city and was stopped for a red light. A vehicle being operated by Samuel Harris of Holgate, Ohio was traveling in the same direction and failed to come to a stop before striking the rear of McGinnis’s vehicle. Harris was cited for following too close.