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The Oceanside Police Department is doing a year of random acts of kindness and this month are surprising strangers with $100 bills to pay for their groceries. The project started when a donor sponsored a Secret Santa project at the end of 2021 and after seeing the kindness go a long way, donated $20,000 to […]

Members of the Kenton High School Baseball team spent time on their first day of Spring Break Friday by helping Kenton Church of the Nazarene set-up at the Hardin County Armory for their Easter service. Thank-you to these student-athletes for taking time to give back to our community! Read More Here:

“Brody Heckathorn works with Jacob every day in my gym class. Last week Brody realized Jacob’s shoes were falling apart so over the weekend Brody spent his own money completely on his own to buy Jacob a new pair of shoes. We have some awesome kids in our school!!!! Proud to be a Wildcat ” […]

 It’s a dream come true for a young boy dealing with a serious heart condition: helping Batman fight crime in Orlando. Six-year-old Masai Wheeler, better known as Batkid, saved the day after the Joker kidnapped the Orlando Magic’s mascot Stuff the Magic Dragon. Wheeler stopped the villain with the help of Batman and the Batmobile. […]

In 2019, Carleigh Berryman began her virtual reality journey when she started her company, Viva Vita, just before the COVID-19 pandemic. She would fit goggle headsets on the residents at senior communities, enriching the lives of those who were no longer able to travel safely. However, due to the pandemic and subsequent closure of vital […]

Little Theo gets so excited when he sees his grandpa walk through the front door! Theo’s face lights up when he realizes he’s about to spend some quality time with his favorite person, his grandpa, Marshall Wolowicz. Watch the Video Here: Here is another Story:

Emily thought her mom was just stopping by her workplace, Starbucks, to get a coffee. But, instead, she bought her the best news ever!  Last year, Emily Mejia’s 13-year-old sister, Megan, was diagnosed with a childhood cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Emily and Megan are the closest among six siblings, making the news especially devastating to […]

Museum Director Sheena Striker talks about the reopening date for the museum following a winter break. She noted that the museums has added new displays and are planning several events over the 2022 season.

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