Community of Caring People Help Injured Dog

Posted on March 15, 2022

After months of running, after being dumped, one dog has found her way to a new home. Last fall, Diann Ginn noticed a stray dog running around outside her home. After months of trying to catch it, with no luck, she put out some blankets on her porch at the beginning of February. When the dog noticed, it came up on her porch to get warm and sleep, when Diann noticed large wound on the side of the dog. Diann reached out to multiple agencies to try to get this dog some help. On March 10th, Pet Recovery trapped the injured animal and rushed it to OSU Vet Clinic, where the injured dog received surgery and treatment for her wounds. I am happy to report that the dog, now named Buttercup, is peacefully resting in her new foster home.

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