One Teenager Was Raised Right

Posted on May 24, 2022

“Rural coffee county Alabama. This teenager was filling up his Mustang when the older gentleman pulled up with his can for the mower and was patiently waiting. The teenager noticed, pulled the nozzle out and said “sir will you please let me see your can?” He filled it up as the older gentleman objected but settled in to a story. When the kid finished, he put the nozzle back into his car to finish filling up his own. He refused to take money from the gentleman and wished him a wonderful day. They are all over this country and they come in many shapes and colors. Don’t denigrate his generation. Train them to be like this. I can assure you, he was raised to say sir and ma’am. As he pulled out onto the blacktop he lit the tires up on his red stallion, smiling the whole time….. and so was I.”

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