2021 Ballpark Bash a Success Story

Written by on August 30, 2021

The Home Run Memorial Park and Kenton Little League hosted their 4th Annual BallPark Bash on Saturday, August 21st. 

3 bands entertained the crowd and played until 11:30 that evening. 

At the height of the concert, the gate count was just under 250 attendees and the total raised to help pay off the ballpark was $2665. 

Kenton Little League Fundraising Trustee Matt Jennings said they are very grateful to the sponsors, bands and concert goers that came out and supported the kids and the park.

He said they appreciate the support of those who attended even though it was unbelievably hot.

Next year’s Ball Park Bash is slated for August 20th, 2022, and plans are underway to sign bands.

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