Ada Park Board and Ada Schools Collaboration Looks to Install Turf at War Memorial Stadium

Posted on January 11, 2021

The Liberty Township Park District Board and Ada Schools have been meeting to discuss renewal of the school contract with the park board for use of facilities.

Part of the talks have been about ways to improve the fields and facilities going forward to improve usability and safety for many athletic teams.

While talks have included strategic planning for improvements to be made in the future, the most immediate improvement discussed is the installation of turf at the Ada War Memorial Field.

While details are being worked out, the two organizations have been actively gathering information from Maumee Bay Turf Center. The project is being pursued through purchasing cooperative TIPS (The Interlocal Purchasing System).

“At Ada, we believe in the importance of all areas of the school experience. Athletics are extremely important parts of so many students’ character and leadership development. Although facility improvement is only one facet of our plan to improve athletic opportunities at Ada, it is an important facet,” said Meri Skilliter, Ada School Superintendent.

According to Skilliter, putting turf on the War Memorial Field, will not only benefit the football program, “a program to which we are fully committed for years to come,” but will also be able to be used by both girls and boys soccer, track and field, marching band, and even for practice in the early spring for baseball and softball.

“Another facet of our athletic program plan is the support of junior high and youth programs that we know build skill, increase interest, and ultimately serve as feeder programs to our high school teams. The opportunity to play on turf, and to look forward to contests on what will be a top-quality field will certainly be motivators for youth athletes,” according to Dan Lee, High School Principal.

“While the park board will fund and finance the project, and the school will pay higher rental costs, the cost of upkeep for the field (and other fields that will be used much less), will be a huge savings for the park, and this will also free up time that can be spent on important projects and duties around the park,” according to Bob Szuch, park board chairman. “After the initial investment, the park board will realize great savings over the life of the field.”

“Ultimately, this is a win-win for the park Board and the district. And the real winners are our student athletes for years to come,” added Skilliter.

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