Ag Society Releases Minutes of June Board Meeting

Posted on June 4, 2020

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, June 3, 2020, for their June board meeting.

Sixteen directors and ten guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Mark Light, OSU/Hardin County Extension Agent, stated they had 600 kids enroll in 4-H this year.

Brad Murphy, Vice President and Chairperson of the Executive Committee, stated a Hardin County Fair survey has been developed by Kolt Buchenroth and wanted everyone to look over it.

Rob Wilson, chairperson of the entertainment committee, stated the only for sure event occurring in the Grandstand for the 2020 Hardin County Fair is Harness Racing, but he hopes by September that more events will be allowed. Brad Murphy is still trying to get a contract for COSI to perform during the fair.

Jack McBride stated there are processors lined up for all livestock species, for the 2020 fair. Livestock judges are still needed for Wed. Beef, sheep and Dairy. Jenkin’s Meats will be the slaughtering site for the grand and reserve champion livestock animals. It was noted Beef Feeder shot records need to be turned in to the Secretary’s office by June 5th and Dairy Beef Feeder shot records need to be turned in by June 15th.

Brad Murphy, chairperson of the concession dept., stated concession and vendor contracts are coming back slowly. He also stated our ride company is very questionable about coming to our fair. It will be very costly for them to only attend a few fairs that are actually trying to have rides.

Sherri Beale, representing the Jr. Fair Board, stated depending on how the 2020 fair looks this year, committees may need to be redone. There may be some new committees needed.

Judi Cronley, stated most all sponsorship money has been deposited, with many businesses asking for their money to be rolled over to next year, if not needed this year.

The fair book was discussed and it was determined to go ahead and print the fair book, like a normal fair is going to occur, with the intentions that many areas will need to be adjusted later. There will not be many books printed, with the hopes most people use the on line version. You will be able to just print the sections of the book you need. If you want a fair book, you will need to come to the fair office to pick one up. The community will be notified when they are ready. Discussion was held if we have gate workers for each day of the fair, if they are needed. All days are secured.

Under old business:

Some non-livestock judges are still needed for the fair. It was noted the ODA grant was re-submitted for a 3rd time with warranty information given. Word on that grant should be coming very soon. It was noted Dylan Shepherd will be doing the landscaping project on the South side of the Community Building. Only 3 more people need to pay for their box seats and they will be receiving reminder phone calls.

Under new business:

The board moved to pay the other ½ of a rental deposit to the USV Athletic Boosters. The board agreed to postpone having anything added to the digital sign until October 2020. It was noted the Secretary’s Office is now back open on Wednesday and Fridays from 9am-4pm. Discussion was held about opening the fairgrounds back up for rentals. The board moved to have renters submit a plan to the secretary about how they are going to socially distance (following the state’s guidelines to banquet rentals) and adhere to the capacity limit for the building they are renting. Then a lengthy discussion was held dealing with the current State of Ohio County Fair guidelines that could change July 1st. It was determined that committees need to start planning for various options of a fair. A special board meeting will be held on July 15th to determine a plan that will then be submitted to our local health board. The final decision on how the 2020 Hardin County Fair is going to look will be voted on at the board’s regular August meeting date. The next board meeting will be Wednesday, July 1st at 7:00pm in the Arts/Crafts Building.

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