Allen and Union Among Counties Upgraded to Red Alert Level 3

Posted on July 17, 2020

New public health data has led the Ohio Department of Health to designate 19 counties as being in a Red Alert Level 3 Public Emergency as defined by the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.


Upgraded to level 3 on Thursday in our region were Allen and Union Counties.


People in those counties will be required to wear masks in public beginning at 6 this evening.


Marion and Wyandot Counties are at Orange Alert Level 2, which means there is increased exposure and spread. Exercise a high degree of caution.


Hardin, Auglaize, Hancock and Logan Counties remain at Yellow Alert Level 1.


Detailed information on each Red Alert Level 3 county can be found here:


The system was developed to provide local health departments, community leaders, and the public with data and information on the severity of the COVID-19 spread in the counties in which they live.


The system consists of four levels with specific risk-level guidelines:


Each level is calculated with data gathered on seven public health indicators:


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