Auglaize County Sheriff Reminds Motorists About Farm Machinery on Roads

Written by on March 8, 2019

Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon wants to remind everyone of the farm machinery on the road; “Hopefully warm weather is coming soon”. Here are some safety tips.

Be aware of what’s going on around you. Remember farm equipment drivers are trying to obey the rules of the road as well as keep large equipment under control.

Because of narrow rural roads when large equipment approaches, pull as far to the right as possible to give the driver of the farm equipment room.

When behind farm equipment don’t become frustrated and pass too quickly. Be sure the equipment driver knows you’re passing by using turn signals, and your horn. You may also flash your headlights to indicate when you are passing.

Look for hand signals and turn signals on the large equipment. Just because the equipment veers right does not mean the driver wants you to pass. The size of the equipment may dictate the driver doing this in order to turn into a farmer’s field or drive.

Pass the farm equipment at a slow speed. Do not pull in front of the equipment and slow suddenly. Tractors pulling grain wagons do not have the maneuverability of a car.

Farmers are often in the field and on the roadways in the evening hours. Look for flashing amber lights in farming areas. Watch for amber lights. This lighting usually marks the far right and left of the farm equipment.

You may also come across slow moving cars during evening hours. This may be an indication of farm vehicles traveling in front of them. Use caution and be careful if you decide to pass in this situation. Remember your distance will be increased depending on the size of the equipment in front of that slow moving car.

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