BBB Reminds Residents to be Aware of Scams

Written by on July 23, 2019

Each year, one in four North American households are scammed. 


Because money loss and identity theft can happen to anyone, the BBB encourages residents to protect and inform others by reporting any scam-related experiences to BBB’s Scam Tracker.


In June, Central Ohio consumers reported $6,218 lost to scams, and the BBB received nine reports involving scammers claiming that there were issues with consumers Social Security Numbers. 


The BBB says you should never give personal information to unsolicited callers. If someone contacts you without your permission, refuse to tell them any personal information.


Remember that the Social Security Administration will never call you asking for your Social Security number. 


They will never ask you to pay anything, nor will they threaten your benefits.


Keep in mind that your SSN cannot be revoked or frozen. 

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