Bids Opened for Two County Projects

Posted on June 2, 2020

The Hardin County Commissioners conducted bid openings for two county projects at a recent meeting.


Engineer Mike Smith and Assistant County Engineer Luke Underwood were also present.


Two bids were received for the County Road 155 paving project.


  1. Bluffton Paving BB $353,340.80


  1. The Shelly Co. BB $366,792.00


Estimate is $160,000.00. 


Two bids were also received for a bridge project.


  1. US Bridge Corp BB  P84-P05     $75,128.00

                                               P100-O25    $69,972.00


  1. Prestress Services           BB  P84-P05     $69,000.00

                                                             P100-O25    $65,400.00

Estimate is $371,000


The bids were taken under advisement.

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