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Linda Hensel and Brian Sprang with the Vote Yes KCS talking about the upcoming levy for the new 7-12 Building.Aired on 10/23/2021

October 16, 2021

Motivational Speaker Chad Dunlap talks on the subject preventing suicide by encouraging a person to change their focus to live a happier life.Aired 10/16/2021

Kathy Tracy talks about the upcoming care package program.Aired 10/9/2021

  A group is in the process of recording videos pertaining to the history of the City of Kenton. The goal of Project: Kenton Declassified is capturing the history before its forgotten. The project is being spearheaded by Jimmy Evans and Ken Newman. The two have spoken to a number of people who have shared […]

Lora Current is Miss South Central Ohio 2020 and will compete for Miss Ohio in June of 2021. Her story is compelling in that she was able to overcome dyslexia after being tested while in Middle School. Today, she is the founder of the non-profit group ReadOnUSA with the aim at getting books into the […]

A representative from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency was a guest on Public Eye. She talked about Shake Out Day which is Thursday October 15. It is designed to encourage Ohioans to prepare a plan for an earthquake as well as their manmade or natural disasters.

This Public Eye features a conversation with United way of Hardin County Executive Director Michele Daniels and Honorary Co-Chair Stephanie Temple. Both expressed optimism that will be able to reach the goal of $150,000. They talked about the many ways you can make a donation and the partner agencies that will benefit from the money […]

The guest is Dre White from the Area Agency on Aging 3. He is talking the service provided to older Ohioans by his agency. He also talks about activities planned for Fall Prevention Week September 21-25.

The Never Give Up Football Camp is scheduled to take place on Saturday September 19. It will start at 7 that evening at Robinson Field in Kenton. Organizer Zack Turner said the camp is for individuals with a disability who want to experience playing under the lights at Robinson Field. This is the second year […]

The Public Eye program that aired the weekend of August 8 on WKTN featured Dr. Joseph Gastaldo. He is an infectious disease doctor with OhioHealth. He talked about the coronavirus pandemic. He offered his opinion on the effectiveness of wearing face coverings in slowing the spread of the disease. The doctor also talked about the […]

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