City to Repair Water Leak April 25; Citywide Water Shut Off Possible

Written by on April 20, 2020

The following release was provided by the City of Kenton……


The city of Kenton is planning to repair a water leak that is at the corner of Main St. and Franklin St. during the evening of Saturday, April 25th.

Work will begin at 6 pm.

Once the site is open, the repair may be able to be made while the system is under pressure.

If water is required to be turned off, it would be a citywide shutdown.

The city tried to isolate this leak but this cannot be done due to the aging infrastructure of our water and sewer system.

This leak was found during the Phase 1 sewer installation project on S. Main St.

Unfortunately, the area of the leak is in Phase 2 project zone which is not scheduled to begin for several years.

IF water is shut off, it is estimated that it would be back on by 8 am Sunday, April 26th.

At that time, as a precaution, a boil water advisory would be in effect.

Please remember, water is safe for washing dishes, doing laundry, showering, etc.

If water is to used for drinking or cooking, it needs to be brought to rolling boil and boiled for at least one minute before consumption.

With the advance notice given, city officials are hoping that people can plan accordingly and gather drinking water that can be used if boiling is not an option.

The city considered waiting until the COVID-19 stay-at-home order was lifted but decided that doing it now would have the least impact on area businesses and organizations.

The city will update citizens of the project status via the WENS system, Facebook, and the city’s website

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