Extension Rainfall Report for April 15-30

Posted on May 13, 2022

Hardin County – For the time period of April 15-30, Extension rainfall reporters recorded an average of 0.92 inches of rain in Hardin County. Last year, the average rainfall for the same time period was 1.10 inches.

Rainfall for the April 15-30 time period is 1.25 inches less than the ten-year average rainfall during the same dates. Blanchard, Liberty, and Roundhead Townships all received 1.20 inches for the April 15-30 time period, for the most of any of the township sites.

Goshen Township received 0.38 inches for the April 15-30 time period, the least of any of the township sites. Wet soils prevented much field work from occurring in April. In addition, a spring snow arrived during the month. Wheat currently looks good but has been growing slowly due to cooler temperatures.

Farmers are hoping for fields to become fit to plant corn and soybeans. As temperatures warm up and winds pick up, soils should dry out and early planted fields should emerge. Farmers are encouraged not to work in wet fields as it compacts the soil and impacts yields. Although planting is behind for corn and soybean, forage and pasture fields are growing with adequate to surplus moisture. As the weather improves, tillage operations will take place and herbicides will be sprayed. Fertilizer and manure applications will also resume, providing nutrients for this year’s crops.

Hardin County Extension Rainfall Report for April 15-30, 2022 (recorded in inches):

Township: Reporter: April 15-30, 2022: Growing Season (from Apr. 15-2022):

Blanchard Township Nutrien Ag Solutions 1.20 1.20

Buck Township Heritage Cooperative (Kenton) 0.98 0.98

Cessna Township Madelyn Lowery 1.00 1.00

Dudley Township Dale Rapp 0.83 0.83

Goshen Township John Brien 0.38 0.38

Hale Township Travis Ramsey 0.85 0.85

Jackson Township Rick Weber 1.00 1.00

Liberty Township Phil Epley 1.20 1.20

Lynn Township Jan Layman 0.80 0.80

Marion Township Mark Lowery 0.68 0.68

McDonald Township Jerry Stout 1.03 1.03

Pleasant Township George Ziegler 1.08 1.08

Roundhead Township Mike Lautenschlager 1.20 1.20

Taylor Creek Township Silver Creek Supply 0.55 0.55

Washington Township Randy Preston 0.98 0.98

Total Average                    0.92                    0.92

(Submitted by Mark Badertscher)

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