Familiar Red Caboose Back in Downtown Kenton for 2019 Holiday Season

Written by on November 20, 2019

Santa’s House has made its appearance in downtown Kenton.

The red caboose sits on the west side of the Hardin County Courthouse and is a place where kids will visit with Santa in the days leading up to Christmas.

The caboose has been used for numerous years and has become a staple of the Holiday Season in Kenton.

Kenton was once known as the Caboose Capital of of the World as cabooses were once manufactured in the city at International Car.

Two generations don’t remember seeing a caboose at the end of a train as the railroad started phasing out their use in the early 80’s to save money.

The company announced in 1983 that the plant would be closing.

International Car was founded in Kenton in 1924 as the New City Car Company and began specializing in cabooses in 1941.

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