Findlay Post Conducts Successful Aggressive Driving Speed Enforcement Initiative

Posted on May 7, 2020

FINDLAY – As speeds have continued to increase with the reduction of traffic volumes due to COVID-19, troopers from the Findlay Post worked an aggressive driving speed enforcement initiative this morning.

The initiative was worked in conjunction with the Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Unit on Interstate 75 in Hancock County.

In just the one hour that the initiative was worked, six vehicles were stopped and cited for speeds at least 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. The slowest speed cited was 91 MPH and the fastest was a juvenile driver at 108 MPH. Marijuana and two handguns were found in one vehicle that was stopped for 104 MPH.

“We have seen speeds increase dramatically since the COIVD-19 quarantine went into effect in March,” said Lt. Matt Crow, Findlay Post Commander. “First and foremost the purpose of this enforcement initiative was to prevent serious injury and fatal traffic crashes due to extremely high speeds. Secondly, we wanted to remind drivers that just because the traffic volume has decreased, it is not a green light to drive recklessly.”

Troopers from the Findlay Post want to remind the public to be responsible when driving on Ohio’s roadways and to always wear a safety belt.

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