Findlay Post of Ohio State Highway Patrol to Target Failure to Yield Violations in Hancock County

Posted on November 11, 2020

Findlay – Failure to yield is the largest contributing factor for serious injury and fatal crashes in Hancock County.  As a result, troopers from the Findlay Post will be working a targeted enforcement effort to reduce the number of injury and fatal crashes in Hancock County.


Starting next week, and continuing unit the end of November, Findlay troopers will be focusing their enforcement efforts on failure to yield violations such as stop sign and red light violations. “Unfortunately we have seen a large increase in fatal and serious injury crashes this year alone, and when we look back at a one year period from October of 2019 through October 2020, we have had 70 crashes in which people were either seriously injured or killed,” said Lt. Matt Crow, Findlay Post Commander.


“When we look at traffic crashes we look at them from the perspective of education, engineering, and enforcement.  All three are pivotal in preventing injuries and death.  We educate the public on a regular basis through the media as well as public speaking engagements such as driver’s education classes and speaking to local civic organizations.  We work hand in hand with ODOT and our local partners when it comes to looking for ways to improve our roadways, and finally we enforce the law when those driving choose to violate it”, said Lt. Crow.  During this enforcement effort, there will be zero tolerance for failure to yield violations.


We encourage everyone to come to a complete stop and take an extra moment to ensure it is clear before proceeding through a stop sign or red light.

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