First Coronavirus Case Reported in Wyandot County

Posted on March 26, 2020

The  Wyandot County Public Health Department reported the first lab confirmed case of coronavirus in Wyandot County.


According to the Health Department, a 68 year old Wyandot County resident has tested positive for COVID-19. 


No additional personal information regarding the Wyandot County case will be provided to protect personal privacy.


Wyandot County Health Commissioner Dr. Keri Harris said that this comes since they have been watching the spread of COVID-19 disease statewide through lab-confirmed cases. 


Locally, they suspected that there was coronavirus activity, however, limited testing has made it difficult to confirm. 


Dr. Harris noted that they have many tests still pending.


According to the Ohio Department of Health, there were 704 cases as of Wednesday afternoon, compared to 564 on Tuesday.


55 counties in the state have at least one case.


That includes in our region:


One in Hancock County, two in Logan County, four in Marion and three in Union County.


182 people have been hospitalized, with 75 in intensive care units. 


The number of deaths was at 10 Wednesday.


The Wyandot County case was not listed yet on the state count, which will be updated this (Thursday) afternoon.

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