First Responders Honored for Bravery

Posted on October 15, 2020


First responders were honored Thursday for their part in saving a man who was trapped in a burning car after an accident late last month.

The crash occurred during the early morning hours of September 26 on County Road 175 at State Route 309 just east of Kenton.

The vehicle involved became airborne, struck a tree and then caught fire.

The driver was able to escape, but the passenger, Bobby Hastings, was trapped and had to be freed from the burning wreckage.

Hardin County Sheriff’s Deputy Aric LaRue and BKP EMT Kyle Richards were given a proclamation by the Hardin County Commissioners for their bravery.


(pictured above: Commissioner Tim Striker and Deputy Aric LaRue)

(pictured above: Striker and BKP EMT Kyle Richards)

The host of the event, State Rep. Jon Cross said what made the event even more special is that Hastings showed up to express his appreciation, “It’s a special day today to honor our first responders, our sheriff’s deputies who are very brave that are really heroes from saving two gentlemen’s lives. Within a few seconds, we could have lost two lives, and what was remarkable about today’s event that was somewhat tearful was one of the gentlemen that was in the accident that got pulled out made his way here to thank the deputies and the first responders. He didn’t look so good, but he stood tall and he made his way here to the Courthouse, and that says everything you need to know about Hardin County and how special our community is.”

Cross then recognized Deputy LaRue, Deputy Christopher Fannon, Deputy Mark Ellis and Sergeant Kendrick Garmon for their work in saving the lives of those involved in the crash.

(pictured l-r above: Cross, Deputy Fannon, Deputy LaRue, Deputy Ellis and Sheriff Everhart; not pictured is Sergeant Garmon)

Also honored were all Hardin County first responders and dispatchers for the work they do.

Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart stated that he is proud of his staff for their dedication to the job, “These awards and proclamations are well deserved. I would also like to thank Rep. Cross and the County Commissioners and Mayor (Lynn)Webb from the city for supporting public safety throughout the county, not just BKP and Kenton Fire in Hardin County but everyone, and we are blessed to live in the community that we do.”

The ceremony was held in Veteran’s Hall at the Hardin County Courthouse in Kenton.

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