Forest Area Residents Receive Alert About Home Invasion in the Area

Written by on December 23, 2019

Forest area residents were alerted concerning a home invasion that occurred in the area.

Using the local nixle alert system, the village advised residents to secure property and be cautious of strangers at the door.

Residents were also advised to report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1 or to the Forest Police Department or Hardin County Sheriff’s Office.

A robbery was reported to the sheriff’s office late this past Friday night in the 16,000 block of Township Road 50 Forest.

No other information is available at this time.

The Hardin County Sheriff’s Office posted this information on its Facebook page:

The holiday season is a good time to take steps to protect your home from burglaries or home invasion (robbery). Here are a few simple tips to consider – whether you are at home or away:

Be sure to keep all doors and windows (on all floors) locked

Use and/or install exterior lighting; consider installing motion activated lighting

Make your home appear as if someone is at home.

If available, keep your home security system activated.

Be observant to the alert provided by your dog or other pets.

Don’t leave delivered packages and other mail visible and/or accessible for extended periods of time.

Don’t invite strangers into your home.

Be aware of strangers or strange vehicles in your neighborhood. Take note of people and vehicle descriptions, license numbers, etc. Call law enforcement to report suspicious activity.

Don’t leave spare keys under the welcome mat or other discoverable locations.

In the event that you become aware that a stranger has entered your home, if possible LEAVE; find a safe place and contact law enforcement. Should you be unable to leave and you have a face to face encounter with the invader, avoid any physical confrontation; be cooperative; and be observant (physical description, clothing, mannerisms, etc.). As a last resort, do what you must to defend yourself.

Watch out for and check on your neighbors.

We want your holiday and everyday to be safe and secure. Don’t be afraid to call our office if you see something suspicious. We would rather investigate something that turns out to be nothing than to have missed an opportunity to prevent something that was thought to be nothing. Emergencies, call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies call Hardin County Dispatch @(419)673-1268; Option 0.

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