Forest Contracts with Republic to Provide Trash and Recycling Services

Posted on August 17, 2020

The Village of Forest will no longer be picking up its garbage or recycling but instead will be contracting such services with Republic Waste Management.  


Village Council made this decision for a number of reasons; Primarily to provide the best service for residents.  


Further, utility rates have not been adjusted in many years to compensate for inflation and costs. 


The village’s garbage truck is in poor condition and near the end of its usable life and needs replaced was another factor.  

The purchase of a new truck would require raising residential solid waste rates to $17-$18 and commercial rates would also have to be adjusted.  This adjustment would require an increase on a yearly basis to continue to meet the rising costs of providing such services.  


As such the Village Council has decided to partner with the North Central Waste Management District and broker a deal; wherein the Village of Forest contracted with Republic Waste Services for its garbage and recycling needs. This saves the Village the expense of over $150,000.oo (+) expense on a truck.   


In addition, with Republic Waste, residents will be able to dispose of a higher volume of garbage and recyclable items.  This should come as welcome news to residents since serious consideration was leaning toward the permanent elimination of recycling services.  


Under the new garbage and recycle agreement, rates paid by the residents will be $17.20 the first year, second year  is $17.20, year three is $18.43, year four is $19.07 and they cap at $19.74 at year five of this agreement. Senior citizens (65 and older) will be paying $13.50 in year one, $13.97 for year two, $14.46 year three, $14.97  year four and they cap at $15.49 in year five.

Each residence will receive a 96 gallon trash tote that can be filled and also allowed 3 extra bags outside of tote.  They are also allowed one large, bulk item per week. 


Senior citizens will receive a 65 gallon trash tote and allowed no extra bags and no large bulk items, if there are large items or extra bags needed, that can be arranged.   Every residence will also receive a 65 gallon recycling tote.  Residences will also be charged a $1.50 admin fee.


Distribution of the totes will begin on or after August 17th.   Please do not use them until Monday, August 31st for trash and September 1st for recyclables.   A brochure is being mailed by Republic Waste Services giving specific information on tote placement, items that can be set out, as well as 

pick-up schedules.


Village officials understand that this is a change and the transition may take some time, but when you compare all of the pros and cons; the decision to enter into this outside contract for garbage and recycling services provides the best choice for the Village of Forest and its residents.


Anyone with questions should contact the Village Offices at 419-273-2500.

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