Habitat Announces Purchase of Rehabilitated Home

Posted on June 11, 2020

Habitat for Humanity is pleased to announce a new partner family of nine will soon purchase home #44 – a Home Rehabilitation.

This six-bedroom, two-bath home was a danger to the neighborhood as a rundown, blighted property that had been through seven fires. It is now a beacon of light and hope because of Habitat. This beautiful, rebuilt home will be sold to the Proctor family for a low-interest loan, and the monthly payment will be less than the rent they pay currently in their three-bedroom, 1100 sq. ft. rental.

For the health and safety of all parties, Habitat for Humanity will be hosting the dedication in-person and also virtually on Facebook Live Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 9 a.m at the home located 831 Putnam Street. The blessing will be led by Pastor Mark McClurg from Findlay First Church of the Nazarene. The entire community is invited to join us in blessing this home for the Proctor family. If you join us in-person, masks will be required to enter the home for the tour.

“The transformation of this home and its impact on the neighborhood is astounding,” said Warren Long, President of Habitat Board of Directors. “In times of uncertainty like we’re facing now, nothing is more important than a safe place to call home. Shelter is the key to success and we’re proud to be a part of the Proctor family’s story.”

Rachel Proctor has overcome much adversity in her life as a single mother of seven children originally from Toledo, Ohio. She left school after completing the 11th grade and started her family at 19. Two of Rachel’s seven children have sickle cell anemia, an autoimmune disease. Rachel’s grit, determination and unwavering faith in God helped her break free from a domestic violence situation that started when she was 19. After 13 years, Rachel gathered her strength and conquered her fear of leaving. Rachel’s move to Findlay six years ago has been the hardest and the best thing she could ever do for herself and her children.

Since moving to Findlay, Rachel has attended Financial Peace University through Habitat, cleaned up her credit and recently purchased a car. While employed at Hearthside Food Solutions, she met her boyfriend Kevin who has been invaluable to Rachel on many levels as her number one supporter and fan.

Rachel was introduced to the Habitat homeownership process during one of their visits to ReStore. After thinking it over for a few days, she took the plunge at Hope House where a staff member gave her an application. Rachel has accomplished so much and overcame many challenges along the way.

“We have been working with the Proctor family for two years as a Habitat partner,” said Wendy McCormick, Habitat Executive Director. “Rachel and the kids have worked incredibly hard to obtain a safe home for their family. She improved her financial situation, participated in Financial Peace University courses and completed her sweat equity hours. We’re so proud of Rachel’s dedication and are excited to welcome her to the Habitat family in a very safe, well-built, HUGE home.”

To purchase her home, Rachel was required to complete her financial courses, save for homeownership costs, grow her savings, reduce debt, and invest 400 hours of sweat equity (volunteer time) in the process.

Habitat would like to extend its gratitude to Marathon Petroleum Foundation, Anderson Company, H&O, Whirlpool, Grubb Construction and First Federal Bank for helping to fund this build. Additionally, we’d like to thank Team Rubicon and the 300 community volunteers who provided over 1500 volunteer hours to make this, our largest build, a reality for Rachel and her family. Thanks to our partner Integrity Construction for deconstructing and re-building the second floor of the home, which was previously destroyed by fire.

Project Scope:

.3000 sq. ft. home, including the basement.

.Removed in deconstruction: Chimney, second floor, plaster and slat interior, knob and tube wiring, flooring, all first-floor interior rooms and walls, five trees, brush, and debris. Eight 40-yard roll-off dumpsters were filled during deconstruction.

.Accomplished during construction: Floor joists installed to secure the second floor. 2×4’ added to the original framing along the exterior walls to create a heavily insulated 2×6’ wall, which is Habitat’s standard. Two HVAC systems installed. New flooring throughout, new vinyl siding, new roof, new second floor including windows.
The front porch was secured and repaired to maintain its original charm.

New Features:

.Downstairs: Great room, master bedroom, full bath, and kitchen with all appliances provided by Whirlpool.

.Upstairs: Five bedrooms, full bath, small living area for the kids.

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