Hancock County Sheriff is Okay with a Drive During Stay at Home Order

Written by on April 21, 2020

Hancock County law enforcement agencies held a virtual Coffee with a Cop forum this past weekend.


One of the questions posed was are people allowed to get out and take a drive in their vehicles during the Stay at Home order.


Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman said he sees nothing wrong with that.


He said, “People getting in their car and driving around, there’s nothing wrong with that. Taking a short walk as the Governor has said, taking a walk with the dog, going to the park and walking, it’s when you congregate with large groups of people that we’re going to start questioning things, but going out and driving, and people going to the Amish Country in Hardin County, there’s nothing wrong with doing that. it’s just when you have encounters with people, just be careful who you encounter.”  

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