Hardin County Ag Society Releases Minutes of August Meeting

Posted on August 6, 2020

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, August 5, 2020, for their August board meeting.

Nineteen directors and nineteen guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Amanda Raines, 4-H Educator, stated she’s working with Jessi Purcell, from Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance, on a plan to display 4-H projects in the windows around the square.

A correspondence from Mark Badertscher was read. He stated the Hardin County Fair Carcass Show will be on Friday, September 18th at Jenkin’s Meats and will be a virtual show only. An OSU meat science judge will evaluate the carcasses.

Kelly Buchenroth, chairperson of the Building & Grounds Committee noted that JB Tubular is working on the railing for the Community Building accessibility entrance. The annual Fire Inspection will take place in August. A meeting was held with F & L Septic and the board was updated on the meeting. It was noted a meeting with the restroom cleaners needs scheduled. Kelly also noted the LED light bulbs are on order. Contracts with SV & E and TJD Industrial Cleaning will need to be revised.

The board agreed to only allow directors to camp during the week of the fair. Campers will be given 2 choices on what to do with their camping fees. All of their money, including the 2 season tickets purchased can be refunded or the camper can donate their money paid the 2020 Hardin County Fair.

It was noted all box seat money for the 2020 Hardin County Fair has either been refunded or rolled over to the 2021 Hardin County Fair. Paid entertainment contracts for grandstand events have been updated and all agreed to participate next year. Brad Murphy is currently checking with the free entertainment, to see if they are willing to come next year.

Rabbit tattooing is scheduled for Saturday, August 8th from 9-11am. The tentative JR Fair livestock shows are as follows: Tuesday, Sept. 8th: 8am swine will starting showing in the main show arena and starting at 9am will the poultry show starting in the small show arena. Wednesday, Sept. 9th: The horse show will start showing in the horse arena at 8am, the rabbit show will start at 9am in the small show arena and the sheep show will start at 12noon in the main show arena. Thursday, Sept. 10th: Goats will start showing in the small show arena at 10am and beef will start showing in the main show arena at 12noon. Friday, Sept. 11th: Dairy Beef Feeders will start showing in the main show arena at 10:30am, the dog show will start showing in the shelter house at 1pm and Dairy will start showing in the main show arena at 2pm. Exhibitors will each get one wristband for themselves and 4 others to be given to family members. There will be livestock meetings one week prior to the fair, to explain how the shows will go and what classes will be offered. These meetings are critical for each exhibitor to attend to receive your certain colored wristband to enter the fair on your designated day. Animals will be allowed on the fairgrounds each day of their designated show day at 6am. Animals that normally go to slaughter, will go the night of the day shown.

Brad Murphy, chairperson of rides/concessions committee, stated there will not be any rides, games, indoor or outdoor vendors. The rides/concession’s committee voted to have around 12 food vendors on the grounds and approved updated vendor rules for the 2020 Hardin County Fair only. The concession vendors will have a designated area and will be 1st come 1st serve to receive their spot. The committee’s changes were approved. It was also noted that the local food commodities decided to not participate in this year’s fair.

Sherri Beale, Junior Fair Board Advisor, noted that the next Junior Fair Board will be Monday, August 10th at 8pm in the grandstand.

Jake McFadden, Chairperson for the advertising/sponsorship committee, stated a letter was being written to give some options to sponsorships on what they want done with their sponsorship money this year.

The board approved to purchase 3 more IPads that needed to support livestock show operations. It was determined to keep the current radio contract with renting 60 radios. Judi Cronley, Fair board Secretary, encouraged all committee chairs to contact their committees to give them an update on how this year’s fair is going to look and if their committee is even needed for this year. Judges especially need contacted, some dates have changed and some areas are not happening.

Under old business:

Fair office hours was discussed in length. It was determined the office be open on Wednesday and Fridays from 9am-4pm to the general public, until a week before the fair and the office will be open every day from 9am-4pm. It was determined to use office help on an as needed basis. Season/Membership ticket combos can be purchased in the secretary’s office for $22. This ticket will allow someone to run for a director position and vote for directors at the annual election.

Under new business:

Paul Ralston and Jack McBride moved to allow the executive committee to approve the JR Fair Health Plan, to be able to get it the Health Board for their approval as soon as possible. Motion passed. Paul Ralston and Mark Garmon moved to allow the executive committee to make changes to the plan as needed by the Health board. Motion passed unanimously. It was noted Fair premium money will be mailed to exhibitors this year. The only gate admission this year, will be by having a designated wristband and the Posse will be manning 3 gates for admission. It was noted only registered buyers will be allowed to sit in the show arena grandstand for the livestock sale on Saturday of the fair. The champion animals will be sold at 12noon. All shows, including the King/Queen contest, will be live streamed, since the fair will be limited on attendance. The board agreed to have Fire and EMS on the fairgrounds from 6am to a ½ hour after the last show of the day is done. King and queen candidates will be given a wristband for themselves, along with 4 others. King and Queen Candidates will receive their wristbands at their interviews. Committee chairs were told to give Judi Cronley a list of committee members who will need a wristband and those will be mailed. It was noted there will not be a need for renting any tents this year. Support staff, honorary directors, 4-H advisors, FFA advisors, judges and auctioneers will be given wristbands. The OSU extension office will have the wristbands to give to 4-H advisors. There will not be any parking passes this year. There will be no golf carts rented this year. The board moved have this year’s fair honorees, Dick and Janie Seiler, also honored during the 2021 Fair with the 2021 Fair Honoree(s). Neck gaiters will be given to each exhibitor. Neck gaiters will also be purchased for support staff. There will be a mandatory emergency management system meeting on Wednesday, August 19th at 6:30pm. It was noted the fair electrician will be used on an on call basis this year.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 2nd at 7pm.

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