Hardin County Fair Swine Show Goes Ractopamine-Free

Written by on February 12, 2020

The Hardin County Fair Swine Committee has unanimously made the decision to prohibit the use of Ractopamine (commonly known by trade names Paylean® and Optaflexx®) in Market Hogs being shown at the 2020 Hardin County Fair.

After multiple options were considered, the best option for our youth exhibitors was to ban the use entirely. This decision was based on recommendations made by the Ohio State Fair, Ohio State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey, Ohio State University Extension Swine Specialist Dr. Steve Moeller, and potential market outlets.

An affidavit will be required from the breeder and turned in upon registration and a second affidavit signature will be required from the exhibitor upon weigh in on Monday, September 7th. Both forms must be submitted in order to remain on the grounds and show in either the Market or Born and Raised shows. These documents will state that the animal has never been fed Ractopamine during the entirety of its life.

Any and all hogs are subject to testing at any time during the Hardin County Fair. Grand and Reserve Champion animals will be tested as testing permits. Any violators will be subject to forfeiture of premiums, trophies, fair ban for individuals or families and/or financial restitution.

If for any reason a packer is unable to be contracted, exhibitors will be responsible to take their market animal home for harvest or breeding purposes. Grand and Reserve Champions will remain terminal per state mandate.

Questions may be directed to Swine Superintendent Charlie McCullough at 419-674-6759 for more information regarding this decision.

Additional information is available for exhibitors by visiting hardincountyfair.org/ractopamine

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