Hardin County Sheriff’s Office Warning About Possible Counterfeit Currency

Posted on April 5, 2021

Hardin County businesses and residents are advised to be alert to the possibility of counterfeit currency being circulated in the area.  

Hardin County Sheriff’s deputies are currently investigating an incident that occurred at a local business where counterfeit $100 bills were used to purchase gift cards valued at $1,000.00.  

The counterfeit bills were found to be lacking the embedded watermark; the blue stripe and orange embossed emblem were missing their reflective properties and each of the counterfeits displayed the same serial numbers.  

Should you receive counterfeit currency or suspect that you have, contact the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office (419) 673-1268, Option 0.

You can also call your city or village police agency.  

Inquiries may also be made to any local financial institution.

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