Health Department Allows Construction of New Home on Less Than 2 Acres

Posted on May 27, 2020

The Kenton Hardin Health Department Board approved a variance allowing a property owner to construct a new home on less than two acres of land located in the 6000 block of County Road 60.


The Director of Environmental Health, Shane Lott, explained that a house located on the property was torn down, and a new build falls under new regulations requiring two acres of property.


Lott explained that the board vote would set a precedent, “Because this is the first time that we’ve had a vote on an existing property where we had a home at one time. They tore the home down, and it’s less than two acres. I have to figure that I need at least a quarter of an acre for a primary and a quarter of an acre for a secondary down the road for replacement, so that’s why we went with that two acre requirement. We’ve had that two acre requirement actually since it was under the old county regulations.”


The variance was approved by a unanimous vote at the Tuesday night meeting.

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